by Oswald

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We're excited to release these two songs, after some great line up additions that have truly made us a better band. With Watanabe we are able to finally add our good friend and bassist nick stola to the our recordings. Ever since his addition to our 2013 summer tour, we have felt more cohesion and an overall connection as a band. However, this has been a tumultuous year for all three of us. Due to the constant changes in our lives we had to delay and edit this record numerous times. But finally it is out and we couldn't be happier. Furthermore, Our music wouldn't be possible without the help from all the friends that we've made thus far. The list is way too long to start but we've really been humbled by everyone's kindness. Whether you put us on your show, talked to us after a gig, or simply listened to a song we seriously can't thank you enough. Finally, I want to thank you for listening and reading this thing, you're awesome.



released September 12, 2014

Engineered by Nick stola in New Paltz, NY
Mastered by Becca Riter

Oswald is:
Vox/ Drums: Max Narotzky
Bass/ Vox: Nick Stola
Guitar: Ryan Delbango

additional instrumentation:
Stephen Ruggiero: glockenspiel (track 1), cello (track 2)

Sound clips from episode 016 of Samurai Champloo, all rights go to the creators



all rights reserved


Oswald New Paltz, New York

3 dudes chilling at the bottom of a mountain. RIP 2011-2015.

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Track Name: Take a Dirtnap, You Scoundrel!
through my steroid induced rage, I clench the club tightly, ready to smash the oncoming apparatus. but my attempt is folly and i dont prevail. while you remark under your breath "there's always next year"

You are my favorite shade of green
How I get tongue tied in your seams
Track Name: Perestroika
Im not scared cause!

tectonic shakes and a battered spine
will heal just given time

Was it a cause for arrest
or was it cause i didnt speak
no its no longer for me
its no longer

Now I'm lost, lost at sea
My atlas can find me, holding what's his
or at least what used to be
He'll see me treading
and he'll call out to me
screaming, "Keep Your Head up"
Now the water's rising
slowly up my chin
Then it creeps up my cheeks
and right before muck engulfs my ears I hear atlas call out to me
I hear atlas say
I hear atlas call out to me and say,
"Stay out of you head, that's a dangerous place to be!"